Peter Richardson

Managing Director
356 Roadside Assistance

I would like to thank GPA for the timely and professional manner in which advice was provided during this most difficult process. I believe I now have thanks to GPA a stable platform in which to not only grow my Superannuation Fund, but also with the necessary surety in the event of an unfortunate event taking place that my family will be taken care of.


Damien Harvey 

Senior Accountant Financial Services 
The University of Newcastle

We went with GPA because we assessed they had the ability to think strategically and it was this factor that we needed.  We liked the tactical planning aspect as we carry out our plan.  We had the basic property sell-down plan, but we needed an experienced head to look over our shoulder and assess its feasibility in being able to comfortably fund our retirement.

We are very happy with the way Jason and his team have worked through our circumstances and how the future could look.


Olivia Giglia

…what we like about GPA is their easy-to-approach customer focus, deep expertise on a number of different solutions to find the best thing for your particular scenario and their ability to relate some fairly complex issues so that the 'lay' financial person (i.e. me) can get their head around it. No question is too silly, and believe me, I ask a lot of questions


Libby Davies

Business Development Manager
Frontier Services

I am writing to convey my sincere and heartfelt thanks for the superb job you and your team did in bringing the claim to payout. Your attention to detail and professional and personal approach was so very much appreciated….The payout certainly took some of the stress out of dealing with lost income and medical costs.


Stuart Giglia

Newmarket Capital

Thank you for your efforts on getting this through. We recognise that every time you came back to us with another request it was because you wanted to ensure you put the best possible case forward for approval and we appreciate your patience and dedication on achieving a great outcome for us.


Glenn Taylor

National Milling Manager
Baiada Poultry

We have been working with GPA Financial Services for many years and as we now approach retirement we can see just how far we have come. In the beginning we were trying to get an idea of how we were travelling finance wise. We were not sure if we were on track as we had not set any clear goals. The planning process helped us to do this and gave us a very clear direction. The care and strategic planning involved was complemented by regular appraisals and check-up meetings. We saw and continue to see GPA regularly. As we hit the GFC we were in good shape and with GPA’s advice we confidently and safely invested through this period. GPA always position things with risk versus return in mind and we can see they are working for our best interests. Our strategy has meant that our retirement income will be approx. 30% higher than it would have been otherwise. We have used cash flow, assets and structures in ways we just would not have otherwise done. We went from little or no plan to a having a strong sense of control and many more lifestyle choices. We are excited about the future and looking forward to a continued relationship with our trusted advisors.


Dr Anthony Dunlop

Care Foresight

From 1989 GPA first organised my insurance. They have been with me through my career and family growth, adjusting my insurance to my circumstances. Most importantly, during a period of ill health, GPA had adequately insured me such that I was able to comfortably meet my commitments and concentrate on returning to good health. Through yearly reviews my insurance and superannuation have been adjusted to my changing priorities. I believe this is key to the value of GPA’s commitment to their clients., but also with the necessary surety in the event of an unfortunate event taking place that my family will be taken care of.


Professor Len Notaras AM

Executive Director
National Critical Care and Trauma Response Centre 

I would like to commend the professionalism and diligence of GPA in helping with my superannuation administration, it was a great relief to know that it was in good hands. The discussion surrounding the current and indeed future status of Robyn and my superannuation and financial plans was and is invaluable. The advice and support provided over a number of years has been outstanding, and is appreciated.


Captain Matt Zdenkowski

Qantas Pilot

Before consulting GPA Financial Services we had little idea about the long term viability of our financial strategy. Jason and the team undertook an extensive analysis of our situation so that we were able to see how different strategies would affect us in the medium and long term. This advice gave us the peace of mind that we were on the right track to secure our future, and some sensible guidance on insurance and budgeting was much appreciated. This friendly collaborative process was a pleasure and allowed Jason to really understand our family aspirations. I can definitely recommend GPA Financial Services to help take control of your financial goals.


Andrew Sharpe

McCabes Lawyers

Jason has assisted McCabes to place an industry leading employee salary continuance program for the benefit of all our employees. His assistance in the design and management of the program has been excellent, taking personal responsibility to ensure that every aspect of the program runs smoothly.


Elizabeth Foley

Capital Markets CRC Limited

My husband and I recently asked Jason Poole to review our finances for the purposes of retirement planning. My husband is about to turn 60 and is semi-retired and I am 55 and still in an executive position. We wanted to look at the financial impact of various retirement timing strategies we were considering. I was also finding it more difficult to ‘sleep’ with the level of debt we had, even though the majority was tax deductible, positioned to offset income tax.

We were not looking for ‘purchasing products’ advice. We just want to know how long both of us had to keep working, part time or full time, and when and how we would start to dismantle the debt leveraging. I have 20 years experience in the financial services industry, and a Master of Finance, so you would think I would know all this. It’s hard to be detached when reviewing your own financial situation. I, in particular, wanted to see the modelling of our finances under different economic scenarios, and different post-retirement spending levels, should heaven forbid, there be another GFC during our lifetimes.

We had to articulate our lifestyle goals, and recognise that my husband and I had a different appetite for investment risk. Jason took our goals and our current budget and financials and stress tested a number of scenarios.

There were no big surprises, but I felt more assured that we could continue to live our current lifestyle without worry. So I am much more relaxed about our spending.

In addition, Jason reviewed our life insurances. We had only done that 12 months before with another insurance expert. But under the scenario testing we found we could half Stephen’s life cover this year, and get rid of it the next year, and reduce my TPD cover by about 40%. This will save our superannuation fund $3,600 this year and $5,600 next year, and on-goingly, which more than covers the cost of the advice.

A large chunk of the advice fees are also tax deductible in our situation.

All around, we are feeling much more confident in our financial situation as we move into the final phases of our careers. The advice we received will pay for itself in reduced insurance costs within two years, and my husband and I have a much better shared understanding of the path ahead.


Dr Jeffrey Regnis and Mrs Lesley Regnis

In 2008 it was recommended by an associate that we could benefit from visiting GPA Financial Services.  At the time we had a mortgage on our home and very little in the way of assets and almost no income / health protection.  Retirement seemed like a long way off and as such creating a “nest egg” seemed of little importance.

The guidance of GPA Financial Services has allowed us to clarify both our short and long term financial goals.

In the 11 years we have been clients, the guidance of GPA Financial Services has allowed us to own our own family home, purchase (and repay) an investment property, set up our own self managed superannuation fund – through which we have borrowed (this was facilitated by GPA Financial Services) and purchased an investment property and developed a strategic investment portfolio.

It is pleasing to receive detailed updates on a monthly basis with regard to the performance of our investment portfolio and we meet with Jason every six months.  It is at those meetings that we can see just how far we have come in such a relatively short period of time.

Jason and his team understand our family aspirations and have worked with us to achieve these.  In addition, he understands our need for low level investment risk.  We have found Jason to be extremely down-to-earth and approachable.  He can relate to us and vice versa.

We have no hesitation in recommending GPA Financial Services to any prospective client.