SME Business Owner

Too busy to think about ‘me’?

With competitive pressures, staff issues, maintaining cash flow and chasing business, you have plenty to think about already. Sometimes it can seem like the business takes precedence over your personal life.

But step back for a minute and think about why you’re putting in all the hard yards in the first place. Well obviously it’s for you, your lifestyle and ultimately, your family’s financial future.

To make the most of your efforts it takes a little planning.

Business owners generally start or purchase a business with two goals in mind:

  1. To obtain a better income
  2. To build an asset

From years of experience we know that the emphasis is usually on the former and that business owners are generally so busy working “in the business” that often they forget to work “on the business” of long term asset building. This is where GPA can help.

At GPA Financial Services we can help you create financial safety nets away from the business. We also assist you to reduce certain risks and collaborate with you on your own personal financial management to align your personal and business finances.

We help provide certainty for the long term regarding your superannuation, investments and personal risk, such as answering ‘how does the business work if you cannot’? By helping you identify your personal goals and understanding your values, we will tailor a plan to help you reach your financial objectives – and support you along the way. Clients find comfort in using us as a sounding board for their ideas and future planning.

So enjoy your lifestyle, build your business and know that GPA Financial Services is right beside you, taking some of the worry away and giving you confidence in your future.


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