Wealth Creation

Take a moment and consider your income. Then consider you and your partner’s earnings over the last decade. Can you see where the money is, or where it has gone?

Historically, sporting professionals, with the help of their coaches, have applied common preparation techniques to improve their probability of winning. Usually they possess:

  • Clearly defined goals
  • Specific timeframes within which to achieve them
  • A well thought out regime or plan to follow
  • The ability to critically assess and monitor their ongoing performance

Applying this methodology to Wealth Creation not only makes its achievement possible, but also increases the probability that you will reach your intended goal.

Imagine an Olympic athlete setting out on a new campaign not knowing the date of the next Olympics or its whereabouts. What would be their likelihood of success?

For over 40 years GPA Financial Services has been helping clients make better financial decisions and build wealth through identifying:

  • A clear goal
  • A plan to achieve it
  • A system to get there
  • A way of monitoring progress
  • A less emotive or impulsive decision making process

Just as a professional golfer consults a caddie we work closely with clients to ensure that they have all the right information available before making any financial swings. In many instances, it is more about staying on the fairway than hitting the big shot. In financial terms, this means avoiding costly mistakes along the way.

With GPA Financial Services, the emphasis is placed on building significant positions in quality investments over time. Tax considerations, whilst important, are secondary to the integrity of the investments.


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