We focus on maximising your chances of achieving your financial objectives with strategies tailored to both your lifestyle and values. GPA Financial Services planning solutions are designed to suit who you are and where you want to be in the future.

Strategic advice

We work with you to set up a control from which your current direction can be measured and thereafter future decisions can be challenged and vetted in advance (notionally). This is designed to help you maximise the probability of achieving your financial objectives by avoiding mistakes and making better informed decisions.

Investment management

We can establish and manage small and large investment portfolios. We can help you build significant positions in quality assets over time.

Superannuation and SMSFs

We ensure your super is in a cost-effective fund/portfolio and is invested in the best place for you. We can also help establish and manage self managed super funds if you would like more control.


We can help you consider what you would like to occur if something happened to you health wise. For example what percentage of your income you would wish to continue if you could no longer work and what legacy you would like to leave your family if the worst happened.

Retirement planning

We can help you prepare for and enjoy retirement with confidence. Scenario testing and monitoring along the way means you can reach your retirement goals and keep your savings safe.

Debt management

We can work with you to focus on paying off credit cards and personal loans, and can help you reduce your mortgage faster.

Cashflow monitoring

We can help manage your income and expenses via regular reporting on your progress towards your financial goals.


We work with your accountant and legal adviser to establish the right structures for your personal and business finances. Where appropriate we can refer you to third party specialists and advisors.

Estate planning

We can help work with your legal representative/s to establish and review your wills and powers of attorney. This to ensure that your finances will be tax effective for your beneficiaries and that the right money goes to the right people at the right time.


We can work with your bank and other lenders to help you obtain financing for your home and investments. Importantly we can provide advice on how much is enough or too much.

Goal setting

We can help you set clear and achievable goals, and monitor your progress towards achieving them.


We put in place structures and strategies that are tax effective. We also work closely with accountant/s when required to help with your structures and strategies.