Transition To Retirement

You have spent most of your life working. Now, it’s time to confirm your future.

We define retirement as the point in your life when working becomes a choice. If, however, you do not have adequate financial provision for your retirement, you may not have this choice. Another way of looking at the retirement phase of your life is when you stop saving from your earnings and start earning from your savings!

The choices you face in planning for your retirement are complex and can, at times, be confusing.

Maintaining lifestyle in retirement

It’s now time to think about how you can maximise your cash flow and current assets. What is the best financial structure with the least risk? Do you have clear financial goals? If so, are you on track? We help you discover what you could do, if anything, to improve your position.

At GPA Financial Services, we believe that we can help you make better financial decisions and our role is to advise you on the necessary steps required to build your retirement savings. Our Strategic Advice approach ensures that you benefit from a tailored financial solution that will prepare you for a ‘worry free’ retirement.

When can I afford to retire?

When planning for your retirement we will take into account:

  • Your existing income
  • Your lifestyle expenditure requirements
  • Your existing assets
  • Any existing debt
  • The age at which you would like to retire
  • How much you think you will need in retirement

Another important issue to consider when planning for your retirement includes your Estate Planning.  Will the wealth in your estate go where you want, when you want and in a tax effective manner?

How can I maximise my retirement income?

After implementing appropriate strategies, it is most important that you manage your personal cash flow. This is where our Cash Flow Monitoring service can help you remain on track and give you peace of mind knowing that you are in control of your finances during your retirement years. At your planning meeting we scenario test your financial position against the known future events and plans. This provides clarity and comfort that things are on track, or acts as an early warning system if issues arise along the way.

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